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Spartan Bracelet Price: $14.99 (as of 25/06/2022 21:21 PST- Details)

Rock outfits that would make old King Leonidas proud! Our Hero of Sparta Bracelet is the quickest way to turn any aesthetic from okay to Legendary. You’ll have peace of mind knowing this durable hand-woven bracelet will keep you looking stylish for years to come

Everything you need to know: 19-20 cm ✔ Stainless steel Spartan emblems ✔ Durable hand-woven rope bracelet ✔

If you’re tired of looking average and ready to stand out, there’s no better accessory than our Hero of Sparta Bracelet!

SPARTAN BRACELET RED – This is Sparta!!!

Nothing is more powerful than showing your love for our new Spartan Helmet bracelet. It is one of the most beautiful Jewelry collections you’ve ever seen. Simplicity is the key to a minimalist look. This minimalist spartan bracelet will reveal a warrior aura. This bracelet will make you stand out in no time. It features a 3D spartan helmet head with a shield.

It’s nice polish finish gives it a jaw dropping look. It is held by an interwoven mesh of ropes. It is truly remarkable. This bracelet will work well for anyone seeking a fresh outlook on their appearance.

The spartan 3D nicely polished design will not only make you look attractive, but it will also show your strength and command respect amongst your peers. Wherever you are going, simply add this on and watch all eyes turn on you

Perfect for keeping as a daily jewelry
Made of high-quality material, durable and radiant
Light weight for convenience
Available in classy silver, black or gold option
Well-polished finish, will not fade
Ropes are strong and made of good materials.

We didn’t just design this spartan bracelet, we invested the best quality materials into making this. It is fade resistant and made of high quality surgical steel with a It is truly remarkable.

This bracelet is a masterpiece. It features one of the most complicated yet mind blowing spartan designs.

This bracelet works well for all sorts of people. This will be just the perfect  gift to buy for you and your loved one. This distinctively crafted bracelet is made to perfection and is suitable for men or women who love old classic movies or spartacus in general.



Bjorn Ironside Bracelet

Sold by KOKOSHELL and Fulfilled by Amazon





Black, Red


Non Adjustable


Men, Women


Polyester, Titanium Steel


19-20 cm

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