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Raven Necklace Price: $13.99 (as of 30/06/2022 22:21 PST- Details)

Embody the fierce energy of a viking raised by ravens with our Raven Pack Medallion. This carefully crafted necklace features incredible attention to detail, and is guaranteed to make your casual outfits a whole lot more interesting.

Everything you need to know: 60cm length Rustic style stainless-steel pendant Leather necklace.

Ravens and viking mythology. What’s not to love? Let the world hear your howl! Order now and take your fashion game to the next level. You’ll thank us later!

RAVEN NECKLACE: Show the world who the real alpha is!

No more boring jewelry. We bring you the perfect jewelry with the touch you have been looking for. Ideal for the people who are into old time classics of vikings and are obsessed about the Thor hammer. It features two ravens holding a ring with a thor hammer in between.

Adding this to your collection will make you look powerful. It can also be worn for a casual outing. This classic pendant is finely crafted with stainless steel to give a flawlessly beautiful look while the trendy design tells about your personality.

It is yet again another very classic addition to our chain collection. This chain will make you appear as a powerful figure amongst your peers. This isn’t just a mere chain. It is a carefully designed piece of art. Its design is mind blowing.

Adding this to your clothing collection will complete the look. Its clean cut edges and nicely designed shape makes you stand out in the crowd within an instant. Its shiny clean edges bring out the vibrance in it.

Perfect for keeping as a daily jewelry
Made of high-quality material, durable and radiant
Light weight for convenience
Well-polished finish, will not fade

We didn’t just design this chain, we invested the best quality materials into making this. It is fade resistant and made of high quality stainless steel. It is truly remarkable.

This chain is a masterpiece. It features one of the most complicated yet mind blowing designs of all times. Not only was it crafted by the best artist in the industry, it is polished in high quality.

Have you run out of gift options? This is waiting for you. This chain is the best option to give to anyone who has a love for antique looking jewelries, loves marvel movies or just wants to have a taste of a new fashion. Leave a lasting memory for your loved ones.



Norse Necklace Amazon Coupons New York

Sold by KOKOSHELL and Fulfilled by Amazon





Black, Silver


Non Adjustable


Men, Women


Genuine Leather, Titanium Steel


60 cm

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